What Nanny Doesn't Want You TKnow

Government was wrong 30 years ago in banning saccharine; they approved it 20 years later. Angela Logomasini, writing for OpenMarket.org says the same may be the case for salt:

Salt appears to be a problem largely for individuals with hypertension, but not so much for the rest of us. Those of us who like salting our veggies and other things to make them more palatable, probably would like to know the whole story.

Yet Nanny statists at National Institutes of Health (NIH) donít want to give us the whole story. They apparently refuse to release research that might contradict their warnings.

The story notes efforts (by the unmentioned Salt Institute) to extract the data from NIH via the Data Quality Act and concludes:

The absence of scientific transparency gives regulators free reign. Then regulators and their collaborators can finesse the science in a way that best suits their regulatory aims while concealing inconvenient findings. Personal liberties and economic freedoms are eventually wiped out along with the facts. Bureaucrats end up more powerful, and life for everyone else is less palatable.