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by chrissnowdon on Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:06 pm

Some of you may have seen this over at a few days ago but I'd be really interested to get some feedback from people who are more familiar with the US legal system than me (I am a humble Brit). The Data Quality Act is an obscure law but it has been used to correct untruths about tobacco before and I wonder if it also be used to challenge the worst of the anti-smoking junk science?


It is something of an irony that environmental and health organisations so often complain about industry being "completely unregulated" when they are subject to virtually no checks and balances themselves. There is, however, one glimmer of hope, for Americans at least.

In 2000, an obscure law tacked onto an appropriations bill - the Data Quality Act (DQA) - went some small way towards redressing the balance. Under the DQA, more than 90 Federal agencies are required to publish guidelines for basic standards to ensure the "quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information (including statistical information) disseminated".
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