New law to hang politicians

Or at least hamstring 'em.

A rather nice treatise advocating legislation against political manipulation of scientific research.

A link to the pdf is at the end of the
page at CFI.

The last few years have witnessed scores of complaints from government scientists concerning interference by political appointees with the scientists’ research and reports summarizing their findings. There have been other complaints about the work of some federal advisory committees, such as the Energy Task Force chaired by Vice President Cheney, on the ground that the work of these committees is carried out in secret and is subject to influence from special interests. Special interests have also taken advantage of vague statutory provisions, such as the Data Quality Act, to stall needed regulation. All of these problems are often referred to under the heading of “scientific integrity.” Congress is currently considering legislation to address these problems. The Center for Inquiry has produced a position paper that addresses this set of issues and provides very specific recommendations concerning the legislative language that is required to correct these problems. Public policy should be based on science; but it must be based on sound science, not politically manipulated science.

This kind of material gets nowhere near enough exposure.

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Climate calms as temperature rises.
Proof (Increasing Variability in a Warmer World?)

Not a cornerstone of AGW, but widely spouted in support of anthropogenic storms, GW causes more, stronger storms. The computer says so. It must be true. It isn't. The super-computers yet again provide bad information. Scientists who prefer real, honest data did some comparisons and came up with good news.