Research in chains
How the US industry fights against the freedom of the science
The problem of elite knowledge in a democracy was already treated in the Talmud. Today the science has removed(replaced) largely God as a source of the wisdom. But their(her) knowledge(realization) not always fits to the politically deliberate default. An example of it is the US government under George W. Bush. In the USA, the country(land) of the freedom, information about scientific knowledge(realization) is manipulated to suppress uncomfortable truth or to support a conservative-religious agenda.
Pictures of hurricanes are a firm(fixed) ritual with top ratios on the US television. The research has warned about the fact that weather disasters are favoured by the global warming for a long time. In vain, however, at a government which has called the global warming the " biggest trickery in the US citizens ". The fact that scientific knowledge(realization) does not pay attention, are even fought, is not new. The tobacco industry possibly denied for decades that smoking is unhealthy. And Ronald Reagan ignored by his(its) " action star Wars ", to the failed rockets-defensive system in all, the criticism of the science municipality. She(it) held(regarded) the system for madly.
Scientific knowledge(realization) falsifies
Kurt Gottfried
But only under Bush saw themselves numerous of the best US scientists urged to protest publicly against science policy of their(her) government: " The Bush's government has falsified scientific knowledge(realization) in a kind(way) and false-interpreted how we have not experienced previously in the American history(story) yet ", says Kurt Gottfried of the association of concerned scientists. " One must distinguish clearly: all governments meet political decisions which are with the research knowledge incompatibly. But it is something else if the government falsifies scientific knowledge(realization) to justify a decision which cannot be scientifically held(regarded). "
Of Chris Mooney Buch " The Republican Was on Science "
Near the Big business it is the religion whose knowledge(realization) Bush means more than those of the science. So he(it) advocated possibly just for the so named Intelligently design for the biology lessons. It attacks the generally accepted evolution apprenticeship of Darwin as insufficiently: our complex world can be explained(expressed) only by a " intelligent designer ", speak God. Not only at elite universities like Princeton one considers anxiously the casual contact of the government with scientific facts. The journalist Chris Mooney has published a much-discussed book on the subject at the end of September: " The republican war against the science ".
Chris Mooney
" The war against the science helps itself of different colleges of technology ", explains(expresses) Mooney. " The aim is always resembles: One attacks the information which does not fit or the scientist who publishes them(her,it). With the study of a government authority one can edit the study, change their(her) statement or suppress them(her,it) immediately completely. "
Colleges of technology of the manipulation
Shiriki Kumanyika
For all these colleges of technology there are examples: with the subject Abortion it was the deception. A government-Internet page aroused truth-adverse the impression as if abortion raised the breast cancer risk. Another example is the outstanding nutritionist Shiriki Kumanyika of the University of Pennsylvania. In a study for the world health authorities she(it) had recommended incredible: vegetables and fruit are healthyier than too much fat and sugar. The consequence was a character assassination campaign of the sugar industry: " Other rules than for scientist are considered(apply) to the people who attack one ", says Kumanyika. " I do only statements things for which I have vouchers, and am even still conservative in it. But the accusers maintain wild things, everything what fits them in the rubbish, and sometimes sounds for nonprofessional then completely credibly. And then we must disprove these assertions and are suddenly in the defensive. "
Scientists, knowledge(realization) to conservative Christians or the economy(business) displeasure, have it in the USA today substantially more difficultly than lobbyists: You managed under Bush an important successful outcome: the "data Qualitäts law". It enables for the industry to criticize research-studies early and to require new analyses, a fatal recipe to the " paralysis by analysis ".
Money of the Big business
Jim Tozzi
The father of the law is Jim Tozzi, leader(ladder) of the centre for effective adjustment. This sounds independent, but Tozzi does no secret from it, where from the dollar rolls: " Each is in the pocket(bag) from irgendjemandem and receives a check out of one is rich and has inherited money, but then one is in the pocket(bag) of his(its) ancestors ", believes Tozzi. " We receive our checks of the industry. But she(it) does not prescribe us what we should say. We have a lot of latitude. Naturally: should we do longer things which the industry do not like(fall), the money would be painted(cancelled) to us undoubtedly. Yes, we receive our money of the Big business. " And so far the man(husband) with the glasses was worth for the investors every cent.
An important instrument near law regulations like the "data Qualitäts law" are Think tanks approximately like Enterprise-or the Cato institute: Here get conservative researchers too often to rather dubious knowledge(realization) which have in common one: They support in strange way always the arguments of Big business and government.
Unwanted results are fought
Certainly, at the universities still the freedom of the research rules. But unwanted results are ignored or are fought. And more and more tops-brash retire than adviser for the government. " There is, really, the danger that the outstanding state science organizations are undermined like the ' Nationally institute for Health ' or the ' Centers of Desease Control ' ", says Gottfried. " These are world class institutes which were constructed about decades, about generations away. It lasts very long to construct a really first-class science organization. But if one demoralizes them(her,it), she(it) can be destroyed very quickly. "
Many US researchers hope that the battle of the republicans passes against the science and soon again facts about ideology triumph. But also after the disaster(catastrophe) in New Orleans still the motto is considered(applies) to Bush: in the doubt for the industry.

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