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OMB Pushes Mint to Coin a Deal
OMB is pushing the US mint to bid out labor-intensive jobs, such as forklift operators, to the private sector. While the Mint has already attempted this once, with no bids at all, there is a renewed vigor. The companies targeted by the Mint had been wholly unsuitable for the operations, and the Mint did not pursue it further. An OMB search into the reasons for the lack of outside contractors found that suitable companies were not aware of the avenues the government was using for contractor procurement. Generally, OMB does not interfere with individual agency decisions, but that maxim is being tested.

"Based on OMB's direction, the Mint should reopen the [competition] in order to solicit expressions of interest from local and small businesses."

"Federal agencies that follow the competitive sourcing rules but don't come to OMB with plans to privatize federal jobs are being sent back to do it again," said Diana Price of AFGE.

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