Why is UK Research on Neonics being Transferred to a Private Company?

January 14, 2018


 An external audit of the internal peer review of the UK studies instrumental in its support of a ban on neonicotinoids demonstrates that the position of the peer reviewers clashed sharply with the one sided statements made by Defra and its scientific agent— the NERC Center for Ecology and Hydrology. In addition the peer reviewers concluded that the NERC Center for Ecology and Hydrology violated established standards for conducting scientific studies.

 In lieu of addressing the conduct of its scientific agent, the UK has decided to transfer the institution which conducted the studies to a private company.

 The UK cannot continue to ignore the results of its internal peer review summarized herein. Accordingly the UK should render an informed decision regarding its position on the ban of neonicotinoids giving full consideration to both the views of its peer reviewers and the disclosures made as a result of the external audit performed by the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness.

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