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May 26, 2011

Introducing The Mine Safety IPD: Continuously Improving Underground Safety

Tracking, analyzing and discussing improvements in underground safety is the mission of the Mine Safety Interactive Public Docket (IPD). America’s coal mining industry leads the world in safety and productivity. The Mine Safety IPD is committed to advancing the idea that safety and productivity are joint accomplishments, not antagonistic goals.

Regulation of mines by federal and state officials is one element of mine safety. If done well, regulation can lead to safety improvements. Poorly designed or enforced regulations, however, can harm productivity without improving safety.

OIRA’s 30th Anniversary

The thirtieth anniversary of OMB’s regulatory review office, OIRA-the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, was celebrated on Friday, May 20th.  The event was sponsored by Susan Dudley, a former OIRA Administrator, who presently heads the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center.

Virtually all former Administrators and Deputy Administrators made presentations, including Jim Tozzi, the first Deputy Administrator of OIRA.

The Bureau of National Affairs Reports:

Jim Tozzi, the first deputy administrator of OIRA, said the institution gives a protective shield against the wholesale dismantling of regulatory agencies, which play an integral role in society.

May 20, 2011

Coal Inspection Courses: Journeyman Training — Roof Control Seminar

On June 1st, MSHA’s National Mine Health and Safety Academy will hold a seminar on Roof Control.  The seminar is part of the Academy’s Journeyman Training.  As the Academy explains, “All journeyman coal mine safety and health inspectors will attend one week of training per year, or two weeks every other year.”

The Roof Control Seminar “is designed for miners, company managers, engineers, trainers, roof bolter machine operators, and for any individual involved with coal mine roof safety. Federal and state enforcement personnel desiring to increase their knowledge in the latest developments in roof and rib control will also find this seminar very beneficial.

May 13, 2011

MSHA Signs MOU with Interstate Mining Compact Commission

MSHA announced signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Interstate Mining Compact Commission (IMCC), “an organization comprised of Governors of member states who are concerned with mining regulation” that “gives the member states a forum for action on and communication about mining and related issues.”

Areas of MSHA-IMCC cooperation inlcude:

  • Accident investigation and reporting,
  • Emergency notification and response,
  • Mine rescue teams and training,
  • Certification, decertification, and qualification of key miner positions–foreman, examiners, blasters and electricians,
  • Coal waste impoundment safety;
  • Underground mine mapping;
  • Mine plan approvals; and
  • Liaisons with family members and the public following mine accidents.

May 6, 2011

June Public Hearings on Proposed Mine Safety Rules

MSHA announced “that it will hold four public hearings on two proposed rules: ‘Examinations of Work Areas in Underground Coal Mines’ and ‘Pattern of Violations.’ Each hearing will cover the major issues raised by public input in response to the proposed rules.”

The schedule for the public meetings is:

June 2 Embassy Suites Denver
Denver, Colo.
June 7 Clay Center for the Arts and
Sciences of West Virginia
Charleston, W.Va.
June 9 Sheraton Birmingham
Birmingham, Ala.
June 15 MSHA Headquarters
Arlington, Va.

For more information, please see the attached News Release