Internal memo on CFPB’s investigation into Wells Fargo fake accounts made public

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House Financial Services Committee Republicans say CFPB rushed to settle case

Brena Swanson


The committee’s announcement stated, “The Memorandum shows that the CFPB estimated that the bank was potentially liable for a statutory monetary penalty exceeding $10 billion. This penalty could potentially be increased further, CFPB enforcement attorneys noted, if CFPB determined whether the fraudulent behavior was reckless or knowing, as opposed to negligent, or if the CFPB discovered additional fraudulent behavior not yet reported or violations of other statutes.”


The Recommendation Memorandum, found here, offers much more information on what Wells Fargo’s penalty should be and what Cordray was advised.

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  1. Ron

    It’s mid July and I just found out I have a fake account that was not flagged and I was not notified. I was managing an account for my mother with Power of attorney. She lost her card in 2013 and I reported the card missing and got a replacement. I’m being sued by Wells Fargo for a debt on my Mothers account. It seems that when the lost card was replaced they used that situation to issue a credit card in my name alone.

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