The Iconic Executive Order 12291

In this age represented by a near gatling gun approach to the issuance of Executive Orders the academic community is to be complimented for devoting increasingly greater attention to the institutional standing of well-reasoned, peer reviewed Presidential instruments that stand the test of time. In doing so they might help quell the current state of chaos in the administrative state.  The administrative state has been subjected to many Executive Orders but only a small number have had an impact that would approach that of Executive Order 12291 which is administered by OIRA; its current bipartisan derivative prevails in part as Executive Order 12866. Executive Order 12291 required regulatory agencies to perform benefit/cost analyses of regulations and to submit them to OMB for review.

Washington Post on Holding Parents Accountable For School Violence

Several months ago the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness posted its views on dealing with school violence. Subsequently the Washington Post published a companion article that reached a  similar conclusion.  To view the Washington Post article,  CRE  comments thereto and the attendant public comments on both click here.