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  1. Anonymous

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    • elfmom55

      I have herniated discs and spinal stenosis and was back on Hydrocodone last year after not taking it for several years. I hated what they did to me and even though effective I couldn’t wait till the effects wore off. I found out about Kratom a few mos. ago and it is keeping me very comfortable with NO side effects. It is a miracle all natural leaf. The “Medical Mafia” just does not want us taking care of our personal issues naturally. They want us on their very toxic and highly addictive substances with chances to OD on them which many do. Many people I have shared Kratom with say it helped their pain also and they consider it a miracle too. This truly is about money and tyranny!

  2. James

    International Journal of Drug Policy
    July 2010, Vol.21(4):283–288, doi:10.1016/j.drugpo.2009.12.003

    Title: The informal use of ketum (Mitragyna speciosa) for opioid withdrawal in the northern states of peninsular Malaysia and implications for drug substitution therapy
    Authors: Balasingam VicknasingamSuresh NarayananGoh Teik BengSharif Mahsufi Mansor
    No previous study has shown the use of ketum to manage opioid withdrawal symptoms except for a single case reported in the US. Ketum was described as affordable, easily available and having no serious side effects despite prolonged use. It also permitted self-treatment that avoids stigmatisation as a drug dependent. The claims of so many subjects on the benefits of ketum merits serious scientific investigation. If prolonged use is safe, the potential for widening the scope and reach of substitution therapy and lowering its cost are tremendous, particularly in developing countries


  3. James

    Journal: Molecules, Vol. 14 Issue 10 (2009)
    Title: Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Aqueous, Methanolic and Alkaloid Extracts from Mitragyna Speciosa (Rubiaceae Family) Leaves
    Authors: Suhanya Parthasarathy, Juzaili Bin Azizi, Surash Ramanathan, Sabariah Ismail, Sreenivasan Sasidharan, Mohd Ikram Mohd. Said and Sharif Mahsufi Mansor

    In conclusion, the screening of antioxidant and antimicrobial activity performed on M. speciosa
    leaf extracts which was traditionally used as herbs shows that they are endowed with potentially
    exploitable free radical scavenging and antimicrobial activity. Hence, M. speciosa leaf could be used
    as an easy accessible source of natural antioxidants and antimicrobial agent. Further purification of the
    active compounds and in vivo evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activity along with toxicity
    studies of the extracts from M. speciosa are therefore suggested for further studies.

  4. James

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Vol. 17 Issue 4
    Title: Hepatotoxicity Induced by “the 3Ks”: Kava, Kratom and Khat
    Authors: Flaminia Pantano, Roberta Tittarelli,Giulio Mannocchi, Simona Zaami, Serafino Ricci, Raffaele Giorgetti, Daniela Terranova, Francesco P. Busardò, and Enrico Marinelli
    CONCLUSIONS (on kratom)
    Only a few papers report liver damages or hepatotoxic sequelae related to kratom use, and also in these cases, the authors highlighted the difficulties of a correlation between kratom consumption and hepatic injuries, which was more likely to be associated with the extraction process of the alkaloids or to the presence of contaminants in the herbal products . Moreover, causality has not yet been accurately established for kratom, as CIOMS scale (RUCAM) has not been applied to suspected cases. Further information is available in the drug user web fora; although these are not official sources, they could represent an incentive for researchers to enhance their knowledge of its metabolism and its adverse effects in humans.

  5. James

    The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, December 2012, Vol. 112, 792-799.
    Title: Pharmacology of Kratom: An Emerging Botanical Agent With Stimulant, Analgesic and Opioid-Like Effects
    Authors: Walter C. Prozialeck, PhD; Jateen K. Jivan, BS; Shridhar V. Andurkar, PhD
    1) “Some evidence suggests that certain herbal products may, in fact, have therapeutic actions that are equivalent to those of modern pharmaceuticals. Moreover, research on the effects of herbal supplements and their active constituents may provide insight that could lead to the development of new and more effective therapeutic agents … ”
    2) “As the use of kratom in the West has grown during the past 15 years,there have been increased efforts to identify and characterize the active pharmacologic agents that mediate the effects of kratom in the body. Thus far, more than 20 active compounds have been isolated from kratom, and considerable evidence shows that these compounds do, in fact, have major pharmacologic effects. Various aspects of the medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy of kratom have recently been reviewed by Adkins et al. Accordingly, only a few key points regarding these topics will be considered in the present article. The Table shows the chemical structures and summarizes the major pharmacologic actions of some of the kratom-derived compounds that have been studied most extensively. The most extensively-characterized of kratom’s active pharmacologic agents have been the mitragynine analogs. These agents contain an indole ring and are, in some respects, structurally similar to yohimbine. These agents have been shown to produce a wide variety of pharmacologic effects, both in vivo and in vitro …”

    3) It is noteworthy that those who have used kratom products for pain management tend to view the stimulant effects of kratom as being more desirable than the sedative effects of traditional opioids.”

  6. James

    Journal of Ethnopharmacology. Volume 148, Issue 1, 21 June 2013, Pages 135–143
    Title: The effect of mitragynine on cAMP formation and mRNA expression of mu-opioid receptors mediated by chronic morphine treatment in SK–N–SH neuroblastoma cell
    Authors: Mohd Fadzly Amar Jamila, Mohd Ferdaues Mohd Subkia, Tan Mei Lana, c, Mohamed Isa Abdul Majida, Mohd Ilham Adenana.
    These findings suggest that mitragynine could possibly avoid the tolerance and dependence on chronic morphine treatment by reducing the up-regulation of cAMP level as well as reducing the down-regulation of MOR at a lower concentration of mitragynine.

  7. Industrial Chemicals

    We are Industrial Chemicals, a company which has filed an NDIN with the FDA. This is a letter stating our stance on the DEA’s decision. Also included is the elusive Macko 1972 study upon which many other Kratom studies cite.

    Industrial Chemicals letter to the DEA: http://imgur.com/gallery/M4bj1
    Macko 1972: http://docdro.id/Nki1yhC

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! Please keep the forum updated if you receive any reply or take further action.

  8. Christina P.

    I am not a criminal. I am not a drug seeker. I don’t want to get high.

    I am a wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt. I am a college graduate. I am a civil service employee of 17 years. I am a taxpayer. I am a voter. I am a normal, everyday person who has used kratom daily for seven years to overcome severe depression.

    I no longer have to will myself to get out of bed in the morning. I no longer lack the motivation to take a shower for days at a time. I no longer cry myself to sleep. I am no Ionger overwhelmed at the thought of living my life.

    For the last seven years I have had the energy to take care of myself. I’ve had the desire to exercise and eat healthily. I’ve had the ability to enjoy movie dates with my sister, dinners with my parents, lunch dates with my grandmother, simple evenings at home with my husband, long walks in the sunshine with my dogs. I am TERRIFIED that if my ability to continue to use kratom is taken away so will my quality of life.

    To anyone reading this who has the power to halt this ill-advised ban, please take the time to educate yourself about this plant that is helping so many people and find the empathy within yourself to understand our desperation. Make no mistake about it: this will cause thousands of your fellow Americans needless suffering in so many different ways. Please allow science and compassion to take the driver’s seat on this issue.

  9. Sean E Toomey

    Kratom saved my life. I was opioid dependant for the better part of six years ask the while holding down a six-figure job and being a productive member of society get my life was spiraling rapidly out of control. Since I found this plant I’ve used it to help 14 other people get off of opiates in treating manage their pain it is a daily substitute to opiates. In the midst of an opiate epidemic we need all the tools available we can get and this by far from my experience has been the best I have seen yet. Kratom saves lives.

  10. Kevin

    I served 8 years in the US Army. I was medically discharged after being injured by an IED in Iraq. I spent months in recovery & during that time I was given all kinds of prescription medication for pain, PTSD, depression, anxiety, & insomnia. As many other veterans do (& anyone who is given prescription medication over an extended period of time). I absolutely hated how I felt and acted on medication. It was like living in a fog, nothing even felt real at a certain point. The VA prescribed Percocet, muscle relaxers, xanex, ambien, paxil, & wellbutrin. I was becoming a useless husband and father & was unable to do the type of work I was trained to do due to the risk of doing it while on medication.

    A guy I served with suggested I try kratom after he had great success with it. I did some research myself & felt skeptical that it could help as much as people said it could but figured it was worth a try. That day was the day I started to get my quality of life back.

    I gradually got off ALL prescription medication & have been successfully managing my medical issues with kratom for the past few years. Kratom is effective enough to make my issues tolerable but not so strong that it leaves me “loopy” or unable to work. I’m now a supervisor at an oil company- a job I could definitely not do if I were still on the prescriptions meds I used to be on.

    If kratom is banned you will be ruining lives. Not all of us will die, I’m sure, but losing quality of life drastically is about the same thing. I can’t imagine having to go back to the prescriptions I hated. I can’t understand why banning kratom is even a suggestion. No one OD’s on kratom. People OD on prescription meds all the time.

    This ban can’t go through. I can’t speak for everyone but I can speak for many military vets when I say this country took a huge part of my life already- which I was happy to give- & I pray it won’t take more of it by allowing this DEA overreach.

  11. Anonymous

    To whom it may concern –

    Recently the DEA has announced its intention to make Kratom, a herb which grows in nature, a Schedule 1 drug – on par with Heroin. I am emailing for two reasons – firstly I want to share my personal story with you and secondly I want to share larger concerns that I have with this ban as a US citizen. I am 34 year old male. I am a CPA and work as a senior manager in a large professional services firm. In 2011 I had a bacterial infection which caused nerve damage. The nerve damage resulted in debilitating pain. This situation unfolded fairly quickly for me and the doctors put me on medication which quite honestly didn’t ease my pain and significantly affected my mental wellbeing. I missed many days from work over the following 3 months. After doing some research online I discovered that a plant – Kratom – might be able to assist me in managing the pain. I tried it out and found it to be very effective in managing my pain. I was able to significantly reduce my intake of prescription drugs as a result of my use of this plant. Secondary benefits also accrued. Consumption of Kratom tea significantly reduced my anxiety and depression – both of which I have struggled almost all my life to manage. The plant allowed me to be a productive, tax paying member of society. I’m afraid that if this plant is banned I will have to go back to less effective, highly addictive pharmaceuticals with many negative side effects. I’m afraid that I would be at the mercy of a physician who may not fully understand the side effects and addictive nature of drugs that he or she prescribe (I have found this to be common occurrence). I’m afraid of having to choose between becoming a drug addict or living with debilitating pain. I know that my story is not unique. There are tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands out there that have a similar story to mind. Beyond myself, I am also sad for the thousands of recovering heroin addicts that have been able to give up heroin and prescription opioids as a result of all natural Kratom leaf. It’s my strong belief that heroin related deaths will sky rocket across this country as a result of any Kratom ban. It is widely known that heroin related ODs skyrocketed in Alabama as a result banning the plant in Alabama, and I have no doubt that similar results will be replicated nationwide if the ban takes effect. A ban on Kratom will have the opposite effect to what the DEA intends. These are not my most significant concerns though. My most significant concern is that the DEA is planning on scheduling this plant without a.) any evidence at all to support its claim that Kratom is an imminent health hazard (there have been 0 deaths that have ever proven to be caused by Kratom), b.) any allowances for comment by the medical and scientific community, and c.) without the authorization of Congress. This in my view is an overreach of authority by the DEA, which has much larger ‘go forward’ implications for our society than simply the “now effect” of plunging thousands back into addiction and/or chronic pain. The real question here, in my mind, is should the DEA be able to arbitrarily ban a natural substance without evidence to support its decisions, such as the result of serious research?

    I leave you with this – the DEA says Kratom has been “associated” with 15 deaths, meaning that they have found 15 people that have died with Kratom in their system among other substances (but never able to attribute any death to Kratom itself). By contrast, lightning strikes cause the death of 51 people in the US annually. I am atleast 3 times more likely to get struck by lightning than I am to die of Kratom consumption………….. This issue is so much bigger than Kratom. A point needs to be made by the American people to the DEA, and to the government at large. This HAS to stop.

    Thanks for your time.

    Sent from my iPad

  12. Anonymous

    Ethan Nadelmann’s TED talk really explains how this DEA decision to ban kratom will only grow the black market! Another very sad day in the USA!


  13. Shea Anderson

    Thank you for acknowledging the DEA for their over reach in this matter. It is very suspicious to me that they are conducting this without public comment or factual information. All of the statistic they are providing are skewed to make it seem as though kratom is dangerous, when in fact it is the a very safe alternative to harmful drugs and pharmaceuticals. Why are they so eager to ban this? There have been zero proven deaths with kratom ALONE as the responsible agent. The 15 deaths that they are claiming all had other harmful and strong drugs in their system. And this kratom plant has been around for thousands of years being used for therapeutic reasons in the Eastern part of the world. Please stop them from carrying out their plan, which is a blatant over reach and takes no account of our constitutional rights.

  14. D

    I am a 47 yr old married man with 2 young children and a homeowner, responsible, pay my taxes, pay my way for everything in life and receive no assistance or support from any city, state or government. I am not a criminal or a drug addict.
    I am a professional systems administrator.
    Last year I ended up in the emergency room for heart palpitations and loss of vision in my left eye.
    After keeping me for the night, was let go with the diagnosis of optical migraine.
    A follow up with my doctor, and a cardiologist uncovered that I had developed an Anxiety disorder.
    Funny that I was also told that even though I know it now, it doesn’t just go away.
    From then on I found myself at least once a day, gripping my desk and trying to breath while being dizzy and fear that I was having a heart attack.
    My doctor then suggested some form of anti-depressant among other drugs.
    By now, I had also developed TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) from the stress I was now experiencing with this new life change and prescribed Tramadol for it.
    I was also borderline hypertensive and looking at blood pressure medication as well!
    I was very reluctant to begin it and anti-depressants as well as taking tramadol as I researched the side effects of taking them and also importantly, getting off them!
    In my search for help I found Kratom, didn’t think it would help but at this point I needed to be proactive about what was happening to me, my life, my job and ultimately my family.
    Well Kratom COMPLETELY changed my life for the better, and used in responsible amounts I have not needed to take an anti-depressant/anxiety drug and don’t even need the tramadol!
    To find that the DEA has suddenly taken steps to ban kratom has been a hard punch in the gut for me. I feel that’s it’s an injustice to all.
    Age restrict it if they must but to just outright put it in the same class as heroin is a gross mistake.
    Please take my statement and do not allow this incredible, effective, inexpensive alternative herbal treatment away from me.
    I served my country in the Marines, please help me now.
    Thank you

    • D

      Please take my statement and do not allow this incredible, effective, inexpensive alternative herbal treatment * to be taken away from me.

  15. Amanda

    I am a 35 year old mother of two daughters. I have Lupus and a whole slew of other autoimmune diseases including arthritis. All doctors give pain medications for every ailment I suffer from, which I can’t take since they hurt your liver and lupus is doing a great job at that already. I was bed bound for two years before making a last ditch effort to find something natural and not harmful that might relieve a little pain without being a zombie. I tried kratom, which I mix with V8, and I actually have my life back. I’m not addicted to kratom. I don’t get “high” off kratom. This is a natural medication that when used responsibly has wonderful results. I’ve been taking kratom almost every single day for three years and I don’t know what I’ll do if banned. Let the DEA come tell my children why their mother is back to being incapacitated laying in bed all day. We all know the real reason for a ban: pharmaceutical companies are losing money. Please please read these real life testimonials and see how wrong banning kratom will be.

  16. Anonymous

    As a scientist, I have been part of research the nearly proves the ability to create further antibiotics. As a citizen I have seen heroin and pill addicts recover from the scourge of opioid and other un-natural drugs consuming parts of our country. People do not go out and commit crimes once using this nor does it cause dependency even as much as coffee. They do not commit crimes in order to get it. I have even seen alcoholics stop drinking with the use of burning it with incense to drive off urges to drink. The substance holds cures for diseases that may not become relevant at this time. The further this is research this the more it will become relevant. We are free adult Americans and this probation is going to push something out of our hands and give organize crime yet – another golden gooses while there is no resin to help productive lives that kratom helps certain people. Once a cure for some debilitating disease can be found and governmental official come down with a disease that kratom research could help, it will be hard very hard to make legal again. Placing it under schedule one will stop most research and direct some to worst drugs. It simply is not taking a large bite out of the pharmaceutical money. It makes no sense. This is not part of remittance and have only see it help people. Moreover, loading up non dangerous substances on schedule one diminishes the drugs such as heroin. The people do not even have a vote on it or allow states to decide. This U.S. government is of and for the people. This stands short of social tyranny. Keep kratom legal will never cause any decline in the U.S. and will always remain available. Stop this ridiculous slippery slope to the point you have to get aspirin from a pain doctor. Simply ponder on the reproductions of alcohol probation. Making this illegal would actually give a “forbidden apple” aspect that will not reduce the use but, indeed, make a desire to get it by people who would never would have used it. It is natural in most aspects, unlike much medicine doctors will prescribe. Just like alcohol, it is not sold to minors. Stop this social control as this is not a nanny state, we are Americans and have the right to use this responsibly. Further, this is NOT a gateway drug. This helps people and does not use only in consuming or smoking it. Placing it in schedule -one diminishes the importance of drugs that should be on schedule one such as heroin. Outlawing kratom will become a disaster that cannot be reversed. Finally, there are other important issues to focus on, the American public does not pay taxes to do this.

  17. Nikki

    I am a 10 year veteran of the United States Navy. I consider myself a patriot and a woman of integrity who has lived an extremely honorable life. I am insulted that the tea I choose to take occasionally for anxiety and depression has painted every day honorable veterans and citizens as common drug users and criminals! I choose a harmless therapeutic tea to take the edge off when needed, like most coffee users do, and live a very functional life. The DEA is not appointed by the people and this country is supposed to work for it’s people. How can such an ignorant government organization have that much power. They shouldn’t. Facts or science do not matter to the DEA, this has been proven for years. How are they not obligated to the same checks and balances of all other branches of government? This is a gross abuse of power manipulated with half truths and blatant lies. Kratom is not addicting or I would not be able to use it only as needed on occasion. It is not anymore addicting than an urge for a cup of coffee or a warm blanket. Addiction runs in my family and I know I’m not immune from it. Also, my husband has used it every day for the past 4 years to manage chronic back pain from a severe injury that had him on prescription opiates, until he found Kratom. Since then, he has lived an extremely functional life and plays with our kids and is present in a way he was never able to be before. Kratom should not be regulated anymore than coffee is and certainly not become a felony! I feel like I’m in a ridiculous dream. Some irresponsible people saw that it could help with opiate withdrawal so they marketed it has a legal high, this doesn’t make it true and I don’t understand why we would ever have to explain that to a government organization. I also can’t believe that we would ever have to explain that just because someone dies with peanut butter and prescription drugs or illegal substances does not mean they died because of peanut butter! There has no been one death associated with kratom alone, that is one of the gross manipulated lies the DEA is trying to sell. Monster Energy drinks and 5 hour energy shots should be scheduled first because they are far more dangerous and have been verified as the result of multiple deaths in this country! If Kratom is heroin then coffee is crack! That’s how logical the DEA is. I hope the CRE is successful in at least getting the DEA to move Kratom to a regular scheduling process because I know, when given the chance, cooler heads will prevail and the scientific data will prove that Kratom is safe and should only be regulated as a health supplement! We are not criminals!

  18. Phyllis

    It would be pointless for me to list the 31 pharmaceuticals that I have experience with, because we all know that the entire focus here is to keep all of us, law abiding citizens, on as many of those big money making meds, as possible. Money is the name of the game. The greedy, selfish individuals that profit from us as long as they can keep us UNhealthy, will have to answer for their actions one way or another. It would take me hours to list all of my diagnoses and most of them have already been addressed in previous comments. I accepted years ago, that my daily life would consist of unrelenting pain, due to an S1 to T9 spinal fusion. But what I had not accepted and desperately longed for was my mental health and emotional state. I wanted to know what “normal” felt like. I wanted to be and feel normal. After years of anti depressants, anti anxiety meds, sleep meds, etc. left me in a coma and my 4 children almost lost their Mother, I’d had enough. I chose, without any help, to discontinue every single one of them. I believe I was actively taking 12 different ones at the time. For 6 years I just existed, literally. 2 years ago I began my quest for a more natural way of living and discovered Kratom. For the first time in my 50 years, I feel and I am, normal. The past 2 years have been the most enjoyable and fulfilling years of my life! My only regret is that my children missed out, all those years, on the “normal” Mom I am today! Shame on the DEA! What has happened to MY great country that I once was so proud to live in? What about MY rights and MY freedom? Why isn’t it MY choice to do and treat my body as I wish? Basically, what it boils down to is, the greedy, conniving politicians, pharmaceutical companies and government officials, actually own MY, this, body that I’ve been living in! I’m saddened and filled with grief, knowing this is the country I’m leaving to my children. I’m a disabled Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt and my name is Phyllis. Please help stop the ban on Kratom

  19. Katie

    Thank you CRE! Kratom saved my life. The government is waging war on chronic pain patients!!! I suffer from a painful condition called arachnoiditis. Kratom has helped me regain my life. I am heartbroken.

  20. Anonymous

    I am a recovering heroin addict who has been diagnosed with a variety of depression and anxiety disorders. Kratom has helped me with, with less side effects, than all of the mood stabilizers and anxiolytics I’ve ever been prescribed. Because of this herb I have been off opiates for six years, I have gone back to school and gotten a decent job as a health care professional. I have seen so many friends die in recent years from the fentanyl epidemic, if this plant is taken away I’ve no doubt the body count will increase. Please stop this ban.

  21. Anonymous

    I have been addicted to Kratom for 6 years and it has been nothing but total misery. A friend told me about it in 2010, so being an addict, I was curious & wanted to see if what he said was really true. I went to the kava bar that he told me served the best in town & ordered their most popular drink. Being that I have tried opiates in the past but never been addicted, I knew what the high was like & this totally mimicked it. It left me wondering if it was an opiate but I was told it was not & it did not showup on drug tests, so I kept using it. My addiction progressed & I was going every night, dumping tons of money into this stuff. I then began to feel very poorly during the day time & had no idea why. I was achey, weak, & had little or no energy. I told a friend I knew that went to the kava bar I did & he told me I was withdrawing. I thought there was no way this was true but I had never withdrawn from any drug, so I really didn’t know. He told me when I felt poorly the next day, to use Kratom & see how I felt, so I did just that & the withdraw went away. Being the addict I am, that didn’t stop me. My addiction progressed more & to feel better during the day, I began using Kratom 24 hours a day. Now I was spending more money, which I really didn’t have to be flushing down the toilet. I had countless friends from the kava bar who were just as addicted as I was, some were worse. We all couldn’t stop but we all wanted to. The owners of the kava bar & the people that distribute Kratom, damn well know it’s addictive & they never tell anyone that or admit that because that would hurt the millions of dollars they are making. Now in the end, me being an addict is my own fault & I am not blaming anyone but myself, but the distributors of Kratom are legal drug dealers & there is no way this should be told with zero regulation & any other way than through a prescription. I do think the plant is a great alternative for people who are prescribed opiates or other prescription medications, but there’s no way it should be sold by anyone who is looking to make a quick, easy buck from the addictions & misery of other people. One other common theme I saw at these kava bars was a large portion of the people there were in recovery or still active addicts. Being addicted to prescription or opiates & using Kratom to get off of them, then being addicted to Kratom, is not a solution, it is simply transferring your addiction. I see people that say Kratom is not addictive and their are no side effects, are blatantly lying. It is HIGHLY addictive & I have seen it in action at quite a few different kava bars. It hooks people in & keeps them coming back every day, all day. Many wishing they could stop but they are having trouble & they do not want to withstand the withdraw. There are also people who say their is little or no withdraw & they are blatantly lying too. I have been struggling to stop for years & have gone through many many times of horrible pain & discomfort when quitting. I also often had blood in my bowel, from what is was doing to my stomach. Who knows what other dangerous ways it can harm your body because not enough research has been done on it. I am in recovery & it is literally the only substance I ever get cravings for. Out of all of the substances I abused, it being the only one I think about & get cravings for is just one further sign of Kratom’s powerfully addictive properties. For the people that are prescribed medications & hate them, I don’t blame you & I feel that Kratom is a great alternative to all of hose medications big pharma loves to sell & make money off of. I am not a fan of big pharma & don’t agree with all of the prescription drugs that are pushed in this country, but for the people who do really need them, Kratom should be allowed to be sold via a prescription & that is it! I cannot do any substance, even if it is readily available, but I am looking forward to Kratom not being sold by anyone, totally unregulated, to the public, with little or no warning to people about what can happen as a result from using it.

    • Anonymous

      I also forgot to mention that as a result of the thousands of dollars I was spending on Kratom, I would not pay my bills. As a result I lost everything I had. I got evicted from my apartment, I had 2 cars repossessed, & pawned everything I owned. Once again, I am not blaming anyone but myself for the poor decisions I made but people need to be made aware of the dangers and people need to hear something besides the doubtless delusional lies I see people make on forums or comment section about Kratom. People will do or say anything for their drugs & there is too much lying going on

  22. Terri Bolton

    I am sorry you have addiction to deal with. With as much respect as I can offer, I would feel remiss if I didn’t speak my mind regarding the above post. Addiction is addiction, whether it is to coffee or an illicit drug. Kratom did not make you do the things you did to obtain your addicted substance, but rather your addiction. Not to demise the pain and struggles you have had to endure, but blaming kratom for your addiction is akin to a batter blaming the bat for called 3rd strike. I have been using kratom for 7 years and fortunately I do not have an addictive personality. I have stopped numerous times with no problems. I am not “lying” and I am sorry if you are unable to accept that it isn’t possible to not have an addiction to kratom because you did. I wish you the best and hope for you to find recovery, but please do not state that kratom is harmful and ruined your life so therefore it needs to be banned. I would never claim that because I have a problem with something it needs to be abolished. I am but one person in a huge world and my needs are not your needs. My hardships are not yours. Best of luck to you though

  23. David

    It is true that there are truly dangerous substances out there, such as synthetic opioids, that some unscrupulous people are mixing with Kratom, but the Kratom leaf itself, the Mitragynine itself that you plan to place on Schedule I is completely safe, and this has been documented time and time again. Also unfortunately some vendors have been labeling Kratom and its Mitragynine content as a “legal high.” This is also completely false. This is NOT an opiate, despite fitting some of the same receptors. Even very strong, dangerous, and addictive drugs such as Oxycodone, Morphine, Dilauted are Schedule II at the highest, yet you would place Mitragynine on Schedule I. This is in my opinion a backward solution. You want to end the crisis of Opiate drugs. I am all for that. And Kratom has helped so many people get OFF opiates, so scheduling it will make things WORSE, not better. Patients who are in legitimate pain will now turn back to opiates, that while legally prescribed, have a history of addiction. While Kratom is not entirely non-addictive, the withdrawal is no worse than skipping coffee for a day or two. You get a headache and cold-like symptoms for a couple of days, then you’re fine. Withdrawing from LEGAL drugs like Morphine and Oxycodone can be a nightmare that people can avoid by using Kratom. I don’t speak for the entire Kratom community here, but in my personal opinion, I would be all for tighter regulation & labeling, and keeping Kratom to adults 18 and over, to make sure that the Kratom that IS out there is natural & safe. But to ban an entire substance because there are some fakes out there is hurting many hundreds of times more people than it claims to help.

  24. Mike

    The DEA’s ban on Kratom will seriously hurt a lot of very good people in a very bad way. Kratom is a legitimate herbal remedy that if banned, will have the effect of turning upstanding law abiding citizens into law breakers. Please look at all of the controversy surrounding the DEA’s total ban and consider signing this important letter. I believe a delay is appropriate to have a chance do some real science on this herb and listen to the thousands of testimonies from people.

  25. Glenda Grider

    Right now EVERYONE is supposed to be able to call the DEA. No one can speak to a live person. We are getting voice mail, no names, no extensions, we are getting hung up on, if we get a person we have been told that the FDA handles the scheduling not the DEA so we called the wrong place, we have also been told that the ban is an automatic and it is already in effect. Please HELP!!!!

  26. foxxy

    Thank you for putting up this Forum. I have called the DEA hundreds of times yesterday to get: hung up on, busy signal and blatant disrespect. This is not how our government should be conducting themselves. I will continue to fight until kratom is legal again. We have more important issues to deal with. One thing I want to point out that Ms. Clinton has received money from pharmaceutical companies. I wonder if it would be in our best interest to vote for Trump come November. I doubt that she will help us. She says she is for the little guy but her actions speak louder than words. The kratom community is a large tight nit community. We look out for one another and our only wish is to have this leave available for those who want it.

  27. Anonymous

    Kratom has been a great blessing to my life as well as to others in my life that I know personally. It has helped with pain and stress management. The plain unmodified tea has a very low potential for abuse. Using too much is not a desirable experience and dependence is closely related to coffee. This tea has helped me when all other pharmaceuticals were not able to help and caused other health problems. Due to my health problems there are many drugs I cannot take. I am a sole provider for a family of 4 children and my wife. Making this necessary medication illegal will do us great harm and put our livelihood and my health at risk. I use kratom under my doctor’s direction and supervision.

    DEA Overreach:
    The DEA is claiming this herb has no known medical use and a high potential for abuse in spite of the conflicting NIH[dot]gov published study that highlights the medicinal benefits AND low potential for dependence. The study is here:


    Congress should make laws; not unelected federal agencies who reject academic research and all public comment. The DEA is seeking a ban, which would make the medicinal herb, Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) and/or its constituents Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, illegal. I ask you to make an informed decision by educating yourself on the safety of this plant compared to coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs, and I urge you to research the medicinal potential that this plant has ALREADY displayed. Consider reasonable legislation that would restrict its use to 18+ like other states.

  28. Vintage

    Two and a half years ago, I was a college student. I had completed my Bachelors degree, passed the test for being a High School Spanish Teacher, and was in my third semester of a Masters in Modern Languages. During a rainstorm, I was hit by a car. My back was broken, one leg was gone, my spleen was nicked, and excess fluid filled the cavity around my heart. I could just barely breathe. The four doctors who saved my life had never saved anyone in such bad shape before, prompting them to say, “It’s a miracle”.

    It soon became apparent that I was paralyzed from Thoracic 9. That’s just below my bust. But my arms and head were okay, and I was glad to be alive. However, I had excruciating pain in my back. Over the next months, doctors prescribed variously oxycodone, hydrocodone, norco, and perhaps others. The drugs ruined my ability to learn the names of my aides, caused me to awake from a drug-induced sleep gasping for air, and slowed my digestion so that yet MORE medication was needed.

    I wanted off of those opiodes. I wanted my life back, so I could use my mind and keep studying languages. But, what to do about the unbearable pain? I learned about Kratom! It is wonderful. Just a half teaspoon of the green powder in a half cup of water eases the back pain so that I can sleep, study, or transfer from my bed to the wheelchair. After I quit taking opiodes, and began taking Kratom instead, my ability to learn new information returned. I sat on the sidewalk of the nursing home in my wheelchair studying French.

    I had been a member of MENSA and felt privileged to be in the company of fellow members. I had not, and still have not, ever smoked a cigarrette or any other herb.  I have never taken an illegal drug. I have very little money and have to pay for the Kratom myself, so I only take a dose of Kratom when the back pain builds to an unbearable crescendo.

    Please, please don’t take away my ability to buy Kratom legally, through the mail. I need and appreciate this herb, which for me has been completely harmless to my health, my mind, and my morals.

    I am not interested in politics, nor do I participate in ‘demonstrations’. But the thought of being deprived of this pain-killing herb that God created, that grows from the earth that God created, that stops a pain that God never intended any human to have to endure…has moved me to beg you not to put Kratom on the list of illegal drugs. Please don’t let the pharmaceutical companies villify this innocent herb for their own financial advantage.

  29. Stella Evans

    Kratom is not an opiate or drug. Research shows that the alkaloids found in the kratom leaves are able to help regulate the amount of insulin and glucose in the blood, effectively preventing the dangerous peaks and troughs that diabetics face. It is natural stimulant utilized for improving physical performance. Kratom withdrawal, though does not happen often, calls for some help in order to get through what you need to get through.

  30. Concerned Citizen

    I am a formee opioid addict and sufferer of chronic anxiety and depression. Kratom has truly saved my life. I am now drug free for over a year and have my anxiety and depression in check thanks to kratom. Not only is it unwise to impose ANY law that would deny the public access to this medicine, it would be downright dangerous! Kratom has proved to be one of the best weapons against the massive opioid epidemic that has been plaguing this country. So many people I know, including myself are off of opioids thanks to kratom, and if it were to be banned, dangerous outcomes would be the result. It has been used for centuries, and has so much medical potential and benefits to offer, with so few dangers if any. Why on Earth would it be wise to take away this great resource in the fight against the opioid crisis?

    • Concerned Citizen


  31. Joy Smith

    Kratom is being used as a herbal alternative for medical treatment. The leaves, or extracts from the leaves, have been used as a stimulant and a sedative. People who have used low doses generally report having more energy, being more alert, and feeling more sociable. At high doses, Kratom has been reported as being sedative, producing euphoric effects, and dulling emotions and sensations.

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