“EPA head along with USDA and other secretaries meet as first part of Endangered Species Act Working Group”

Editor’s Note: Feedstuffs posted the above-titled article, which reads as follows:

“Thursday U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler hosted U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Sonny Purdue, Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross, Jr., Department of Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, and Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Chairwoman Mary B. Neumayr to discuss improving the Endangered Species Act (ESA) consultation process for pesticides.


“Meeting Materials for the June 11-14, 2019 Scientific Advisory Panel”

Editor’s Note–EPA posted the above-titled notice on one of the Agency’s pesticide websites.  This notice reads as follows:

“Topic: Proposed Guidelines for Efficacy Testing of Topically Applied Pesticides Used Against Certain Ectoparasitic Pests on Pets

Biosketches for candidates to serve as ad hoc panelists for the June 11-14, 2019 meeting of the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) can be found below.  Comments on these panelists are due on May 18, 2019 to Dr. Sue Shallal (shallal.suhair@epa.gov or 202-564-2057).

Additional materials for this meeting can be found in the docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2019-0161 on www.regulations.gov.

Learn more about the June 11-14, 2019 SAP meeting.


EPA Seeks Nominations for the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee

Editor’s Note: EPA distributed the following Pesticide Program Update–


“EPA Seeks Nominations for the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee

EPA is accepting nominations for membership on the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC). Established in 1995, the PPDC is a diverse group of stakeholders chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act to provide feedback to EPA on various pesticide regulatory, policy, and program implementation issues.

To maintain a broad representation of members for the PPDC, nominees will be selected from among the following:

  • Federal, state, local and tribal governments;
  • Pesticide industry and trade associations;
  • Pesticide users;


EPA Holds Hearing and Seeks Comment on Revised Method for Conducting National Level Threatened and Endangered Species Biological Evaluations for Pesticides

The Environmental Protection Agency is seeking comment on a draft revised method for conducting national level threatened and endangered (listed) species biological evaluations for pesticides. EPA has also announced a public meeting on June 10, 2019, where EPA will present the draft revised method and provide an additional opportunity for the public to provide feedback.

The public meeting will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, Eastern Standard Time, on June 10, 2019. The meeting will be held in the Lobby-level Conference Center of EPA’s Potomac Yard South Bldg. (One Potomac Yard), 2777 South Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202– 4501.


Comment on EPA’s Proposed Glyphosate Decision

EPA has published Federal Register notice of EPA’s Proposed Interim Registration Review Decision forglyphosate and has opened a 60-day public comment period on the proposed decision. EPA must receive any comments must be received on or before July 5, 2019.  Click here for more details and relevant links.



“Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee Meeting May 8-9, 2019 For Release:  April 19, 2019”

EPA posted the above-titled article, which reads as follows:

“EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs will hold a public meeting of the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC) on May 8-9, 2019. EPA will hold the meeting in the first-floor conference center at One Potomac Yard South, 2777 South Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202. Read the Federal Register notice announcing the meeting.

EPA is seeking advice and recommendations from the PPDC for our administrator on pesticide regulatory development and reform initiatives, evolving public policy and program implementation, and science associated with evaluating and reducing risks from pesticide use.


Ninth Circuit Orders EPA to Decide Chlorpyrifos Ban

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has ordered EPA to make a final decision on whether it will ban the use of chlorpyrifos across the country. The agency has until mid-July to make its determination. Click here for the Court’s opinion.



There will be a 4-day, in-person public meeting of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act Scientific Advisory Panel, augmented with additional experts to provide independent scientific advice to the EPA on proposed guidelines for Efficacy Testing of Topically Applied Pesticides Used Against Certain Ectoparasitic Pests on Pets. Preceding the in-person meeting, there will be a public half-day preparatory virtual meeting to consider the scope and clarity of the draft charge questions for this peer review.


“Important Information on Requests Under FIFRA 24(c)”

EPA recently posted the above-titled notice, which reads as follows:

“This is the time of year that EPA receives many special local needs registration requests from states under section 24(c) of FIFRA. Section 24(c) states that “A State may provide registration for additional uses of federally registered pesticides formulated for distribution and use within the State to meet special local needs . . .”


“Ninth Circuit Hears Pesticide Clash Over EPA Inaction”

Courthouse News published the above-titled article, which reads in part as follows:

“An en banc panel of the Ninth Circuit appeared reluctant to uphold a three-judge panel August decision requiring the Environmental Protection Agency to ban pesticide chlorpyrifos over potential jurisdictional issues during a hearing held in San Francisco on Tuesday.

‘You don’t have an order on your objections and you are asking us to get to the merits even though there has been no ruling on your objections,’ said Circuit Judge Richard Paez — one of 11 judges to sit on the panel.

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