Making Dollars And Sense Out of Data Center Consolidation

From: FederalNewsRadio.com 1500 AM

Every agency has reviewed their needs to consolidate data centers, and progress across the government is real. The Office of Management and Budget says agencies shut down 250 data centers and plans to close a total of 479 by the end of fiscal 2012.

The long-term goal is to close down 1,200 data centers out of more than 3,133 that existed as of June.  The goal is more than just shutting down servers and buildings. OMB expects agencies to transform business operations and meet mission better by moving to technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing.

So, how does data center consolidation open doors for mission improvements? How does data center consolidation change the way you have to buy and manage mission critical systems?  And how can agencies move money from operating and maintaining a data center to developing, modernizing and enhancing mission-critical systems?

Moderator: Jason Miller – Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

Alfred Rivera – Director for Computing Services at DISA

Zach Baldwin– Program Manager in the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, Cloud Computing PMO at the GSA

Cindy Cassil – Director of Systems and Integration Office at the Department of State

Segment 1: Introductions and background on Data Center Consolidation


Segment 2: Enterprise Services, Barriers to Closing Data Centers and Best Practices


Segment 3: Security, Council of Industry Partners



Segment 4: Cloud Brokerage, Data Center Transformation, Ease to provision


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