Coast Guard, DHS Mandate Cybersecurity Reporting, Move to Require Maritime Cybersecurity Programs

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Norma M. Krayem and J. Michael Cavanaugh | Holland & Knight LLP

UK Parliament invites public comments on AI matters

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Maria Nikolova

The UK Parliament invites comments on questions ranging from the necessity to regulate AI to its impact on cyber security and democracy.

The UK Parliament is growing increasingly interested in the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Earlier this week, the Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence has published its call for evidence, inviting submissions from all interested individuals and organisations. The aim is to consider the economic, ethical and social implications of AI advances.

Lord Clement-Jones, Chairman of the Committee said:

Illinois blockchain pilots take shape

Editor’s Note: IBI is a notable fintech initiative that should be closely studied.

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By Sara Friedman

Late last year, the Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology announced plans to bring together state and local agencies on pilots to explore blockchain technology. Now, the Illinois Blockchain Initiative (IBI) is moving ahead on five use cases to determine how industry and government can work together to improve government services.

Apple sends top executives to lobby Australian government over proposed encryption laws

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By Mikey Campbell

Apple has sent top privacy executives to Australia twice over the past month to discuss proposed cybersecurity laws that could compel technology companies to provide law enforcement agencies access to encrypted customer messages.

Citing unnamed sources, The Sydney Morning Herald reports Apple met with Australian Attorney-General George Brandis and members of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s government on Tuesday to talk over the cybersecurity measures.

At least one of the engagements was announced on Monday, when Brandis said he planned to meet with Apple executives in hopes of persuading the company to share encrypted data with the country’s spy and law enforcement agencies.

Telecom Lobbyists Downplayed ‘Theoretical’ Security Flaws in Mobile Data Backbone

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Joseph Cox

According to a confidential document obtained by Motherboard, wireless communications lobby group CTIA took issue with an in-depth report by the Department of Homeland Security on mobile device security, including flaws with the SS7 network.

In a white paper sent to members of Congress and the Department of Homeland Security, CTIA, a telecom lobbying group that represents Verizon, AT&T, and other wireless carriers, argued that “Congress and the Administration should reject the [DHS] Report’s call for greater regulation” while downplaying “theoretical” security vulnerabilities in a mobile data network that hackers may be able to use to monitor phones across the globe, according to the confidential document obtained by Motherboard. However, experts strongly disagree about the threat these vulnerabilities pose, saying the flaws should be taken seriously before criminals exploit them.