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Sec. 414. - Executive agency responsibilities

To further achieve effective, efficient, and economic administration of the Federal procurement system, the head of each executive agency shall, in accordance with applicable laws, Government-wide policies and regulations, and good business practices -


increase the use of full and open competition in the procurement of property or services by the executive agency by establishing policies, procedures, and practices that assure that the executive agency receives a sufficient number of sealed bids or competitive proposals from responsible sources to fulfill the Government's requirements (including performance and delivery schedules) at the lowest reasonable cost considering the nature of the property or service procured;


establish clear lines of authority, accountability, and responsibility for procurement decisionmaking within the executive agency, including placing the procurement function at a sufficiently high level in the executive agency to provide -


direct access to the head of the major organizational element of the executive agency served; and


comparative equality with organizational counterparts;


designate a senior procurement executive who shall be responsible for management direction of the procurement system of the executive agency, including implementation of the unique procurement policies, regulations, and standards of the executive agency; and


develop and maintain a procurement career management program in the executive agency to assure an adequate professional work force

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