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Federal Aviation Regulations
NOTE: This database is in the process of being populated with SFAR data.

This database is a repository of certain Federal Aviation Regulation (FARs) and Special Federal Aviation Regulations (SFARs) from 14 CFR in their current version as well as historical versions. The current FARs and SFARs refer to those documents that are in effect today. The historical FARs and SFARs represent each FAR Part section from the original (since re-codification from the Civil Aviation Regulations). The FAR includes the active document as a result of the most recent amendment. When looking at the historical FARs and SFARs, the checkmark indicates the FAR Part section or SFAR Part that is most current.

PLEASE NOTE: at the bottom of each document is a "Document History" section that gives you links to other related Rulemaking documents.