Code of Federal Regulations

Title 20—Employees' Benefits

(This book contains parts 400 to 499)

CHAPTER III—Social Security Administration

(Revised through April 1, 2002)

(For updates since the last revision date, see the Social Security Online Final Rules)

400 [Reserved]
401 Privacy and disclosure of official records and information
402 Availability of information and records to the public
403 Testimony by employees and the production of reords and information in legal proceedings
404 Federal old-age, survivors and disability insurance (1950- )
410 Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969, Title IV—Black lung benefits (1969- )
411 The Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program
416 Supplemental security income for the aged, blind, and disabled
422 Organization and procedures
423 Service of process
424-428 [Reserved]
429 Administrative regulations
430 Personnel
431-497 [Reserved]
498 Civil monetary penalties, assessments and recommended exclusions
499 [Reserved]

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