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Sec. 460l-31. - Findings

The Congress finds and declares the following:


There is a Federal responsibility to provide opportunities for public recreation at Federal water projects.


Some provisions of the Federal Water Project Recreation Act (16 U.S.C. 460l-12 et seq.) are outdated because of increases in demand for outdoor recreation and changes in the economic climate for recreation managing entities.


Provisions of such Act relating to non-Federal responsibility for all costs of operation, maintenance, and replacement of recreation facilities result in an unfair burden, especially in cases where the facilities are old or underdesigned.


Provisions of such Act that limit the Federal share of recreation facility development at water projects completed before 1965 to $100,000 preclude a responsible Federal share in providing adequate opportunities for safe outdoor recreation.


There should be Federal authority to expand existing recreation facilities to meet public demand, in partnership with non-Federal interests.


Nothing in this part changes the responsibility of the Bureau to meet the purposes for which Federal Reclamation projects were initially authorized and constructed.


It is therefore in the best interest of the people of this Nation to amend the Federal Water Project Recreation Act (16 U.S.C. 460l-12 et seq.) to remove outdated restrictions and authorize the Secretary of the Interior to undertake specific measures for the management of Reclamation lands


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