Transportation Acquisition Regulation
Transportation Acquisition Manual

The Department of Transportation Acquisition Regulation (TAR) is regulatory in nature and it is codified at Chapter 12, Title 48, U.S. Code of Federal Regulation. The TAR contains DOT policy and procedures which may impact contractors and potential offerors. This document is changed by issuance of Transportation Acquisition Circulars (TACs) after publication of the final rules in the Federal Register.

The Transportation Acquisition Manual (TAM) is a nonregulatory document. It contains DOT internal policy, procedures, and instructional guidance to the Department of Transportation (DOT) contracting officers, specialists, administrators, and other personnel who either have the authority to or are associated with soliciting, negotiating, awarding, administering, and closing out Department of Transportation contracts. Changes to this document are made by issuance of Transportation Acquisition Manual Notices (TAMNOTEs)

The TAR and TAM are written and maintained under the direction of the Director of the Office of Acquisition and Grant Management, Office of the Secretary in coordination with the DOT Procurement Management Council (PMC). The Director is also the Department of Transportation Senior Procurement Executive and the Chairperson of the PMC. Both documents implement and supplement the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and other statutory requirements which are specific to DOT. These documents are structured and numbered to coincide with the FAR and should be used in conjunction with the FAR.

TACs and TAMNOTEs are normally issued on a quarterly basis or as may be dictated by regulations, statutes, or other authorized Federal Government directives such as the Office of Federal Procurement Policy letters and memoranda.

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