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The Automated Directives System (ADS)

USAID Policy Directives and Required Procedures

The ADS is USAID's directives management program. Agency policy directives; required procedures; and helpful, optional material are drafted, cleared, and issued through the ADS. Agency employees must adhere to these policy directives and required procedures. The ADS contains

  1. Agency-created policy directives and required procedures.
  2. Governing external laws, Executive Orders, and regulations.
  3. USAID external regulations in the CFR.
  1. Optional, helpful information and examples
    of best practices.
  2. Sample documents and how-to guidelines.
  3. Policy Notices (Interim Updates).
  4. AID Handbook chapters that are still valid.*

The ADS web site is an online, real-time portal to the most recent versions of ADS chapters and internally created references, Interim Updates, and links to external references.

Series 100: Agency Organization and Legal Affairs Series 200: Programming Policy Series 300: Acquisition and Assistance Series 400: Personnel Series 500: Management Services Series 600: Budget and Finance USAID Handbook Series ADS Glossary

*See the Handbook Status page for specifics. M/AS/IRD is in the process of formatting and converting the few remaining valid Handbook chapters to Word and PDF. As these chapters are converted, they are posted to the ADS web site. Please refer to the most recent ADS CD for material that is not located on the ADS web site.

To view PDF files, download the accessible version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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