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Sec. 290j. - Establishment of the Fund

(a) Agreement with Government of India; program purposes

The President is authorized to enter into an agreement with the Government of India for the establishment of a fund (hereafter in this subchapter referred to as the ''Fund'') which would provide grants and other assistance for cultural, educational, and scientific programs of mutual interest. Such programs may include exchanges of persons, exchanges of information, and other programs of study, research, and scholarly cooperation. The agreement may also provide for the establishment of an endowment, a foundation, or other means to carry out the purposes of the agreement.

(b) United States representatives

The United States representatives on any board or other entity created in accordance with the agreement to administer the Fund shall be designated by the President predominately from among representatives of United States Government agencies, including those administering programs which may be supported in whole or in part by the Fund.

(c) Funding of programs

United States Government agencies carrying out programs of the types specified in subsection (a) of this section may receive amounts directly from the Fund for use in carrying out those programs

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