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Sec. 6201. - Congressional statement of purpose

The purposes of this chapter are -


to grant specific standby authority to the President, subject to congressional review, to impose rationing, to reduce demand for energy through the implementation of energy conservation plans, and to fulfill obligations of the United States under the international energy program;


to provide for the creation of a Strategic Petroleum Reserve capable of reducing the impact of severe energy supply interruptions;


to increase the supply of fossil fuels in the United States, through price incentives and production requirements;


to conserve energy supplies through energy conservation programs, and, where necessary, the regulation of certain energy uses;


to provide for improved energy efficiency of motor vehicles, major appliances, and certain other consumer products;


to reduce the demand for petroleum products and natural gas through programs designed to provide greater availability and use of this Nation's abundant coal resources;


to provide a means for verification of energy data to assure the reliability of energy data; and


to conserve water by improving the water efficiency of certain plumbing products and appliances


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