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Sec. 4103. - Establishment of training programs


In order to assist in achieving an agency's mission and performance goals by improving employee and organizational performance, the head of each agency, in conformity with this chapter, shall establish, operate, maintain, and evaluate a program or programs, and a plan or plans thereunder, for the training of employees in or under the agency by, in, and through Government facilities and non-Government facilities. Each program, and plan thereunder, shall -


conform to the principles, standards, and related requirements contained in the regulations prescribed under section 4118 of this title;


provide for adequate administrative control by appropriate authority;


provide that information concerning the selection and assignment of employees for training and the applicable training limitations and restrictions be made available to employees of the agency; and


provide for the encouragement of self-training by employees by means of appropriate recognition of resultant increases in proficiency, skill, and capacity.

Two or more agencies jointly may operate under a training program.


Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, an agency may train any employee of the agency to prepare the employee for placement in another agency if the head of the agency determines that such training would be in the interests of the Government.


In selecting an employee for training under this subsection, the head of the agency shall consider -


the extent to which the current skills, knowledge, and abilities of the employee may be utilized in the new position;


the employee's capability to learn skills and acquire knowledge and abilities needed in the new position; and


the benefits to the Government which would result from such training

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