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Sec. 318. - Special police

(a) Appointment

The Administrator of General Services, or officials of the General Services Administration duly authorized by the Administrator, may appoint uniformed guards of such Administration as special policemen without additional compensation for duty in connection with the policing of all buildings and areas owned or occupied by the United States and under the charge and control of the Administrator.

(b) Powers

Special policemen appointed under this section shall have the same powers as sheriffs and constables upon property referred to in subsection (a) of this section to enforce the laws enacted for the protection of persons and property, and to prevent breaches of the peace, to suppress affrays or unlawful assemblies, and to enforce any rules and regulations promulgated by the Administrator of General Services or such duly authorized officials of the General Services Administration for the property under their jurisdiction; except that the jurisdiction and policing powers of such special policemen shall not extend to the service of civil process

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