From Cigarettes to Cocaine

From: Guardian

 in Barcelona

Arrest of Manuel Charlín, 85, reveals resilience of Galicia’s cocaine clans

Released in 2010 after 20 years in prison, the trafficker made a return to notoriety last week


In the 1960s, the smugglers scaled up again, this time into tobacco, initially via Portugal before they cut out the middleman and bought directly from the American tobacco giants.

Tobacco made them millionaires, and soon there was more lucrative work in the rías smuggling tobacco than there was in fisheries. The tobacco was brought in large ships that were unloaded out of sight in the high seas and then brought ashore in launches and fishing boats, a modus operandi that foreshadowed the trade in narcotics.

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Chinese Tobacco Plantation Planned in Namibia. Will it Become a Source for Illicit Whites?

From: The Southern Times | The Newspaper for Southern Africa

Tobacco plantation against UN Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Lahja Nashuuta


The Namibian government has given its blessings to Namibia Oriental Tobacco CC, locally registered company owned by China’s Hongyunhonghe Tobacco Company, to go ahead with the setting up of the tobacco plantation, The Southern Times has learnt.

Although the project has been widely criticised and opposed on all public platforms, it has already been granted an Export Processing Zone status and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has granted it an environmental clearance certificate. In addition, the Mafwe Traditional Authority has already approved the lease of the 10,000 hectares needed for production.

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Hogansburg, NY Man Sentenced In Contraband Cigarette Case


A Hogansburg man is going to prison for just over a year after he admitted to selling contraband cigarettes.

Federal court officials say 48 year old Jeffrey Lazore was sentenced Thursday to one year and a day in prison. He pleaded guilty to failing to maintain

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We killed the cigarette and got mango-flavored nicotine in ‘party mode’ in its place

From: The Washington Post

Lavanya Ramanathan

This year, cryptic signs for something called Juul began appearing in the windows of the 7-Eleven on my block. On vacation in Miami, where smoking is still allowed in many clubs, I noticed a pretty young woman pull a Juul from her purse and lay it on the bar, next to her cocktail. This summer, I saw Juuls at a Fourth of July crab crack and Juuls on the city bus.

Juul, if you haven’t heard, has quietly become the most popular new way to smoke since the old coffin nail itself, claiming more than half of the booming market for electronic cigarettes.

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Jordan issues international arrest warrant issued in tobacco case

From: The Jordan Times

AMMAN — The public prosecutor at the State Security Court (SSC) issued on Monday the International Red Notice against the main suspect in the case of illegal tobacco manufacturing and smuggling. 

A statement carried by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, identified the suspect with his initials (A.M), although officials have previously disclosed his full name as Awni Mutee, a businessman who reportedly fled the country to Lebanon a day ahead of a crackdown on illegal facilities linked to the case. 

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