Are Chinese and Canadian First Nation’s Companies Assisting MS-13 in Smuggling Cigarettes?

Editor’s Note: Translation from the Spanish original.


The investigator said that it is documented that smuggling of illicit cigarettes finances activities of the El Salvador gang, known as Maras, and of drug trafficking groups in Belize.


The companies behind the most recognized illegal brands in market research in Central America are owned by China Tobacco International, Grand River Entrerprises of Canada, and Overseas United Inc. (OUI), of Chinese origin that labels in Panama various brands that then placed in the countries of the region, according to the CID Gallup study.

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Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) Is a Tobacco Trafficking Transnational Criminal Organization

From: Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services | Rationale Document for Law Enforcement Training: Intercepting and Investigating Illegal Cigarette Trafficking

Gangs such as MS-13 have been linked to cigarette trafficking and people who have tried to circumvent these organizations have turned up dead. Violence, turf wars, and other crimes will inevitably be linked to cigarette traffickers. If law enforcement agencies view tobacco trafficking as simple tax avoidance, they may overlook an underworld of associated crimes and criminal activity until it is too late to intervene.

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An Insufficiently Clever Place to Hide Illegal Tobacco

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The Colorful Antics of Cigarette Smugglers

From: Newsweek

Mafia Soldier Tried to Escape From Prison With Priest, Hacksaw and Bedsheets, Authorities Say


An accused mobster tried to escape from federal prison with a plan that included a priest, a saw blade and tied-together sheets and blankets, authorities said Wednesday afternoon. Christopher Londonio – who federal prosecutors call a soldier for the Luchese crime family – has been held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn since February on murder and racketeering charges. Londonio and another prisoner came up with the plan in June, with the 43-year-old using dental floss to tamper with a window in the prison.

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Cigarette Smugglers & Spies

From: BuzzFeed via

These Cigarette Smugglers Are On The Frontlines Of Russia’s Spy Wars

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