Contraband Tobacco Fuels Gang Creation in Windhoek Prison

From: New Era

Inmate condemns smuggling of contraband

Alvine Kapitako


“Why should families bring dagga and tobacco to inmates so that they can get more sentences? These things are destroying lives here and people end up fighting inside the prison,” said Shimweefeleni. The smuggling of contraband has also contributed to the formation of gangs, explained Shimweefeleni.

“When one person is selling they want to control everything and everybody – that is how gangs are formed,” he added. At the Windhoek Correctional facility, 100 grams of tobacco is sold for N$4,000 and a fingertip worth of cannabis is N$30, said the 47-year-old Shimweefeleni.

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How long before the “Tobacco Dogs” are turned on you


By El Presidente

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Fines and jail time increase for illegal tobacco growing in Australia

From: News Mail

Warren Lynam


The Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP, said the government was delivering on the 2016-17 Budget commitment to stop the illegal tobacco trade which the Australian Taxation Office has identified as a major revenue source for organised crime.

“Under the current legislation, before charges can be laid under the Excise or Customs Act, the origin of the illegal tobacco seized in Australia has to be proven. As the origin of tobacco cannot be readily determined, this obviously limits the ability to impose penalties even where substantial quantities are involved,” Minister O’Dwyer said.

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Two Indian Citizens and India-based Corporation Sentenced for Conspiring to Smuggle Counterfeit Cigarettes

From: US FDA/Office of Criminal Investigations

Abhishek Shukla and Harish Shabhai Panchal, both citizens of India, along with the India-based company, Jubilee Tobacco Industries Corp., were sentenced in federal District Court in Miami, for conspiring to smuggle counterfeit cigarettes into the United States.  


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Police Raid Schools, Find Illicit Tobacco

From: Randfontheim Herald

Police raid three schools

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