La France est la capitale de la contrebande de la cigarette d’Europe, fournissant du combustible financier aux organisations terroristes à travers le monde

La professeure Louise Shelley a expliqué aujourd’hui à la Commission américaine d’Helsinki que «la France est la capitale de la contrebande d’Europe pour le commerce illicite des cigarettes. Il n’est guère surprenant qu’un des frères Kouachi qui ont assassiné les journalistes de Charlie Hebdo ait reçu une partie de son revenu de la part des personnes illicites Commerce de cigarettes.

L’audition complète de la Commission de la sécurité et de la coopération en Europe, UNE CRISE DURABLE: TRAITEMENT DE CIGARETTE ILLICITE DANS LA RÉGION DE L’OSCE, est disponible ici.

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Is the Canadian Government Responsible for Contraband Cigarette Production? (Part IV in an investigative series)

Editor’s Note: CRE is conducting an ongoing investigation into the role of governments in promoting the illicit trade in tobacco products. See, Part I, “What is the Role of the Canadian Government in Fostering Smoking?”  Part II, “The Ultimate Tobacco Control Failure: 90% of Pregnant Women Smoking,” Part III, “What is the Australian Government’s Role in Fostering Smoking?” 

From: Tobacco Reporter

Government accused

The biggest manufacturer of ‘Native cigarettes’ in Canada is suing the federal government for $3 billion for failing to stop the proliferation of contraband tobacco producers, according to a story by Mark Bonokoski for the Toronto Sun.

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A Landmark Tobacco Lawsuit

From: Toronto Sun



The lawsuit, filed in the Ontario Court of Appeal at the end of June by Grand River Enterprises’ Jerry Montour and three other principals in the company, accuses the Attorney General of Canada of “malfeasance in public office, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of aboriginal rights.”

The foursome, all status Indians, is seeking $1.5 billion in damages for revenues allegedly lost to the approximately 50 unlicensed and therefore illegal cigarette manufacturers in the province competing with their brands, and another $1.5 billion for the government’s failure to close them down.

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Massive Illicit Tobacco Seizures in Australia

From: SBS

Customs officers net whopping tobacco haul

Customs officials have netted staggering numbers of cigarettes and loose-leaf tobacco in the past 10 months.

More than 260 million cigarettes and a whopping 204 tonnes of loose-leaf tobacco have been seized at Australia’s borders in just 10 months.

Customs officials snagged the bulk of the illicit tobacco in sea cargo consignments, with figures bouncing back to relatively normal levels after an unusually lean year in 2015-16.

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The Crisis of Illicit Tobacco in Africa

From: Nigerian Tribune

Perspectives on illicit trade in tobacco

Akeem Ogunlade, Centre for the Promotion of Enterprise and Business Best Practice, Abuja


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