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Will This Happen in the United States? Multi-million dollar tobacco crop destroyed in Australia

From: Shepparton News


An illegal tobacco crop with an estimated value of $9 million has been seized and destroyed by the Australian Taxation Office in Maidment Rd, Koonoomoo.

‘‘We found this crop based on information provided to us by Victoria Police,’’ ATO deputy commissioner Michael Cranston said.

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$60,000 in untaxed tobacco discovered in traffic stop


ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WMAR) – Agents in the Maryland Comptroller’s Field Enforcement Division discovered nearly $60,000 of contraband tobacco products through a traffic stop and an investigation of three retail stores.

Around 1 p.m. on April 18, FED agents assisted a state trooper in the stop of a Dodge Caravan with Missouri plates traveling on I-81 south of Hagerston. 7,700 pack of unstamped cigarettes valued at nearly $50,000 were seized during the stop.

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European Anti-Fraud Office: Illicit cut tobacco is a significant and growing market

From: Euractiv

By Sarantis Michalopoulos


Illicit cut tobacco, also called “chop-chop” or “bulk tobacco”, is a type of tobacco that is cut or shredded, usually sold in pouches or bags and smoked in handcrafted cigarettes (Roll-your-own or Make-your-own). This product is typically priced by weight and packed in unbranded bags. It is sold as loose or cut/shredded tobacco leaf outside legitimate sale channels.

According to studies, the scale of the illicit cut tobacco problem in Europe is significant and assessed as causing €1 billion in lost revenue across 15 European markets.

Free trade zones and terrorism funding

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Ho-Chunk entities sue Nebraska officials over tobacco laws

Editor’s Note: See also Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska’s long-smoldering cigarette dispute with feds heats up and Federal agents swarm Wisconsin-based Ho-Chunk Inc. headquarters as part of tobacco investigation.

From: Sioux City Journal

A worker grabs cartons of Silver Cloud cigarettes to put into a case box at Rock River Manufacturing in this April 2017 file photo. HCI Distribution and Rock River, both subsidiaries of Ho-Chunk Inc., the Winnebago Tribe’s economic development arm, have sued the Nebraska attorney general and the state’s tax commissioner, claiming their efforts to regulate tribal tobacco are unconstitutional.

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From: Jamaica Gleaner via Mundi News [Jamaica]

With counterfeit cigarettes being sold for approximately half the price of legal ones, some smokers could believe they are getting a bargain, but if you thought regular cigarettes were unhealthy, wait until you hear what is inside their counterfeit counterparts.

Usually manufactured in some unregulated plants, a research team in the United States has found that there were much higher concentrations of toxic heavy metals consistently found in counterfeit cigarettes that were seized in America compared to genuine brands, and that is not surprising to Assistant Superintendent of Police Victor Barrett of the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch.

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