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If You Have Been Tempted to Buy Under-the-Counter Tobacco

From: Warwickshire County Council

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Fugitive El Salvador Mayor Accused of Aiding Transnational Organized Crime

From: InSight Crime

Written by Scott Squires


Juan Umaña Samayoa, ex-mayor of the northwestern town of Metapán, is accused of swapping plots of landwith Isaac García Lemus, who is believed to be the head of an international smuggling network dismantled by Salvadoran authorities on March 13, 2018.

Umaña Samayoa was implicated after authorities seized seven of García Lemus’ properties, one of which was previously owned by the former mayor. El Salvador’s Anti-Narcotic Division (División Antinarcóticos – DAN) launched the investigation into the criminal network after cocaine and contraband cigarettes were confiscated while entering El Salvador from Guatemala.

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Since Google Serves as a Sales Platform for Counterfeit Currency as well as Counterfeit Cigarettes, Perhaps the US Secret Service Will Investigate Them

Editor’s Note: See also Maybe Google Doesn’t Think of Promoting Tobacco to Kids as Evil.


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Tobacco giant British American Tobacco New Zealand blames govt for rise in violent dairy robberies, calls for minimum jail sentences

From: New Zealand  Herald
Manish Thakkar from Parkwood SuperValue is calling on the Government to increase police patrolling and fund cigarette vending machines to prevent violent attacks on workers. Photo / Natalie Akoorie

By: Nikki Preston

New Zealand’s biggest tobacco company is blaming the government’s hefty tobacco excise for the rise in violent robberies on dairy and petrol stations workers and wants it to take urgent action, including introducing tougher minimum jail sentences.

The call comes after a spate of attacks on dairy workers who are now fearing for their lives as armed robbers enter their stores steal to cigarettes and cash from them.

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How The FDA Plan To Take Nicotine Out Of Cigarettes Will Fuel Terrorism

Editor’s Note: See, Counterfeit Products, Genuine Harm: How Intellectual Property Theft Fuels Organized Crime While Undermining American Communities and Yo, FDA, the Manufacturing Costs for Illicit Tobacco Products are Very Low

From: The Federalist

The United Sates has never been a rich market for terrorists’ international tobacco trafficking. A new FDA policy will make it one.


Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the head of the Food and Drug Administration, has announced plans to reduce to non-addictive levels the level of nicotine in cigarettes sold in the United States. The hope is that without the chemical that produces the pleasure of smoking, these cigarettes will appeal to fewer people, and therefore fewer people will smoke.

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