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Almonds for Terrorists: A Delicious Way to Support Violence

From: Circle K CrimeBusters

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Does Anyone Still Believe that Tobacco Trafficking is a Victimless Crime?

From: Defense One

How Black-Market Tobacco Funds the World’s Bad Actors

It’s time to focus the world’s attention on a smuggling enterprise that helps underwrite North Korea’s nukes and Taliban terror.

Where does North Korea, whose gross domestic product is less than that of some American cities, get the money to fund its nuclear efforts? Kim Jong-un and his regime obtain much of their money from a vast series of criminal enterprises that trade in everything from goods made by forced labor to counterfeit currency to narcotics. And like many insurgent groups and criminal organizations worldwide, Kim and his circle also traffic in illegal tobacco.

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Illegal Tobacco – See it, Report it, Stop it!

From: Southampton City Council

Students from Southampton Solent University have produced this short film highlighting the damaging consequences of the sale of illegal tobacco. Far from being a victimless crime, illegal tobacco often ends up in the hands of children and brings crime into our communities.

Working with Public Health and Trading Standards teams from here in Southampton, Hampshire County Council and the Isle of Wight Council, the film makers cast actors from schools across the region where the film will be available as a free resource for teachers to use in PSHE lessons.

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Illegal Cigarettes: So Easy to Find

From: Vice

Shopping for Illegal Cigarettes in Sydney’s Chinatown

Naeun Kim

Shop owners are flouting Australia’s plain packaged cigarette laws by selling imported fags for less than you’d find them elsewhere in the city.

Walk through the bustling streets of Sydney’s Chinatown and you’ll notice coloured cigarette packaging littering the ground. Although they’re common to this area, they’re a rare sight in Australia since the government introduced across-the-board plain packaging in December 2012.

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Weaponizing Poverty Is a Failed Tobacco Control Strategy

Editor’s Note: In addition to Dubai and Paraguay, Canadian First Nations’ territories is a major source of illicit whites in North America and beyond. See here, here, and here.

From: American Enterprise Institute

Sin taxes and illicit tobacco: What the empirical research says

Today my colleagues Aparna Mathur, Cody Kallen, and I published a working paper on illicit tobacco. We hope it is the first paper in a series on changes in the tobacco market.

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