December 12, 2016

What a Trump Administration Could Mean for the 340B Drug Program

National Law Review posted an article titled, “What a Trump Administration Could Mean for the 340B Drug Program.” The article reads in part as follows;

“A Republican White House and a Republican-run Congress could bring significant changes to the 340B Drug Pricing Program (“the 340B program”). Many in Washington believe that the new administration and Republicans in Congress will favor the concerns of drug manufacturers over the concerns of providers or health plans. If the price of drugs becomes an issue for the new Congress, it is very likely that drug manufactures will ask Congress to “scale back” or potentially even eliminate the 340B program as the “quid pro quo” for imposing even the most modest forms of drug price regulation.

This Alert describes possible congressional and administrative actions. The list of possible threats to the 340B program is not intended to be exhaustive, and both Congress and the new administration could propose many other approaches to diminishing or even eliminating this important program.

Although this Alert describes the threats confronting the 340B program, all is not lost. As we approach the holiday season, it may be appropriate to borrow from Charles Dickens’ famous story, A Christmas Carol. In that story, the third ghost, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, shows Ebenezer Scrooge a terrifying future. Scrooge begs the ghost to tell him how to prevent this nightmarish future. The threats described in this Alert are not preordained. 340B stakeholders have the ability to take action now to impact the future course of the 340B program.”

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